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A Tool Of Faithfulness

Whenever I think of all I've done during my life, I realize the twists, turns, massive changes, and surprise endings God & I have been through! One of the biggest changes I've made thus far was buying my first real estate property, and moving to Pennsylvania a few years ago. This massive change included me starting a new job with a government organization, which I was pretty stoked about it. On the first day at my new job, I realized just how much of a sore thumb I was: the way I dressed, the way I spoke, how I looked, and the way I carried myself was evidently different from those around me. However, I settled in, found my work niche, and made work-friends easily. One day, one of my closest work-friends walked with me to the company lounge to get our morning cup of joe. On our way back, another employee (known as the office jester) ran past us and, in pure impudence, did a very INAPPROPRIATE action towards me.

I was livid. I was furious. Furthermore, I was so angry that I could feel my skin turning RED! "How could this behavior be allowed anywhere, let alone a professional environment?!", I asked myself. It took literally everything inside me to rush back into my office and call on the Holy Spirit to do His job and HELP ME, in lieu of allowing everyone to see my hands WORK (as in physically hitting him upside his head)! However, I made it to my office and asked the Holy Spirit what I should do...

Throughout that day, my co-workers came to my office to tell me what they thought I should've done with the situation:

"Oh no, he didn't!"
"He tried it!"
"Are you going to get him fired?"
"You'd better press charges!"
"Fight outside after work, 5 pm!"

Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "What did the employee do? Give us details, Mercedes! What did you do next?"

Spoiler alert: NOTHING!

I did nothing, but prayed and listened for what needed to be done.

What the rude employee did to me specifically is actually irrelevant to the point I want to make. It should be noted that although they acted poorly, and I would've had every right to retaliate, I allowed my flesh to do 'nada.



Instead, I sought the Spirit for answers.

He told me to extend mercy. Granted, doing so was easier said than done, but I did it. I dropped all charges, cleared their name with Human Resources, accepted their apology, and moved on with life. Some of my co-workers didn't co-sign with my decision. However, my decorum, actions, and obedience to prayer led me to greater things within that organization, later on, that year.

My lack of retaliation may have sounded bizarre to my unbelieving co-workers, but I'd like to believe that an angel SOMEWHERE, in Heaven, wrote down this act-of-obedience (they'd better had! HAHA) As a Believer, I know Jesus requires more from me than enacting on my flesh or being concerned with what the world expects from me. I honestly could care less about what others think of me. As long as I continue to keep the noise of this world and its opinions ON MUTE, and keep the volume of what the Spirit tells me to do ON MAXIMUM HIGH, I can't go wrong! What Jesus requires from us may make us look weak at first glance, or make us "too different" from the world around us. However, being set apart, distinct, and "too different" is exactly what makes us the wisest, strongest beings on this planet.

Until next Wednesday -- be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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