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Keep Your Spiritual Eyes Open!

Morning time in The StFleur household is quite the production. With 3 girls getting ready for school, 3 locheads moisturizing their hair, 2 adults getting ready for work, and only 1 bathroom to work from -- it seems mathematically impossible to have peace in the AM!

Leave it to mama bear...

For peace to reign, I strive to be the first one awake. Quick breakfast for the girls are bowls of their favorite cereal. With my Amplified Bible in my right hand, I manage to use my left hand to brew my morning coffee. Talk about starting the day off right! As the girls get ready, I sit down on my living room couch to drink my cup-of-joe, feed my Spirit, and supervise everyone preparing for the day...

Knowledge is power on EVERY LEVEL!

One morning, while the girls were getting ready, I found myself in 1 Samuel, chapter 5. I'm not sure why I don't remember reading the story in chapter 5 -- the one where the Philistines took the Ark Of The Covenant. Not only did those fools take the Ark Of The Covenant from the Israelites, but they had the NERVE to put it in one of their pagan temples, next to their pagan god, Dagon.

When something I read intrigues me, I like to do further research on it for context. After reading chapter 5, I became intrigued by this new story I was reading, and had to learn more! I started doing research on the pagan god, Dagon...

I couldn't help but notice that the depiction of Dagon looked AWFULLY familiar to the logo on the coffee cup I was holding! After feeling a jolt in my Spirit, I immediately asked the Holy Spirit, "Are we on to something? Is this worth digging into?"

I 100% heard the Him reply, "Knowledge is power on every level."

This is something that Pastor Paul alwayssssss teaches -- not to minimize what seems insignificant, irrelevant, or not important. Pastor teaches us that not only is God intentional in all things, but that everything is connected, and could never mean what it never meant. At first glance, the mermaid logo on my coffee mug seemed like nothing major -- just a very popular, brand-name company that made great drinks. But was there more to this?

That got me thinking...

In my college years, I remember taking courses in advertising and marketing. Any professional in those fields, or any entrepreneurs in general, know that building a company eventually includes a vital task: selecting a company logo. From high modality colors, intentional verbiage, strategic composition, selective content -- it's all intentional. A logo is supposed to embody the company's brand, mission, and function.

Since knowledge is power on every level, I did research on the company logo on my coffee mug, and its origins...

Well, lookey lookey!

To my surprise, the widely known logo has a past! The mermaid logo actually isn't a 'mermaid' at all, but a Greek mythical creature called a 'siren'. No, not the sound ambulances use to get other cars and people out of the way! Sirens were sinister beings that used their looks, beautiful voices, and seductive aura to lure innocent sailors to their aquatic deaths.

According to the company founders, they chose the 'siren' as their logo because they envisioned their brand being so desirable, sought for, and in-demand that customers would do whatever it took to buy from their store.

For more details on how to spiritually vet your surroundings while living this Christian life, click this link ---> BROKEN PENCILS


As children of God, we have to understand that we are in this world, but not of it. We're simply colonists, who are citizens of Heaven, put here to activate God's 'Way' on earth. With that being said, the ruler of this world isn't wasting ANY time! Satan, Lucifer, the devil, that evil guy in the red suit, the Baphomet -- whatever you want to call him -- he's real, and he's workinggggggg against the Kingdom we are assigned to represent.

Whether it's completely deceiving people to worship him directly, or fooling others to follow his ways through ignorance, Satan isn't wasting any of the little time he has left to grow his evil empire. He uses devices, distractions, and methods to have those who aren't spiritually WOKE (meaning sensitive to the guidance + instruction of the Holy Spirit) to be destroyed spiritually. Pastor Paul constantly reminds us that "THE SPIRIT REALM IS THE PARENT REALM". Whatever is seen and experienced in the physical realm is merely a byproduct of what's going on in the spiritual realm.

Although the spirit realm is in control, we have the power to agree with both good and evil spirits operating in the parent realm from this physical realm. How?

Are you feeling depressed, sick, or stressed?

Reading, meditating, and speaking the Word of God will agree with the Spirit of God, and it's inevitable for that agreement to render positive results in the physical realm. You will feel better, you will be healed, and you will enjoy peace. It's not a matter of if, but when, because the Holy Spirit will make moves in the spirt realm to show you results in this one.

Unfortunately, the same principle is also applicable with the devil.

Agreeing with Satan in the spiritual realm, even unknowingly (refer to Hosea 4:6), will only render something being stolen (i.e. peace), something dying (i.e. joy), or something being destroyed (i.e. a good reputation). According to John 10:10, these are the only things Satan is capable of producing. Co-signing with him, his strategies, and his way of living will give him and his forces ACCESS from that realm to show up in this one.

My used- to-be favorite coffee brand has locations all over the world! Whether it's an airport, a mall, or a brick-and-mortar store, the nation is riddled with their brand. Ever wonder why Starbucks stores are always packed?

Amazing marketing techniques?

Qualified advertising employees?

Delicious recipes, and fresh menu selections?


But, when I went into a shopping center in New York a few weeks back, and saw two EMPTY coffee shops next to a BOOKED AND BUSY Starbucks store (with a line that wrapped around the corner), I knew there was more to what I was seeing. There was something happening in the spiritual realm that made MAJOR presentations here in the physical realm.

Paying whatever prices.

Pre-ordering through the app.

Waiting on ridiculous lines.

Much like the mythical sirens, people were doing whatever it took to get what they desired: a cup of coffee from Starbucks.


Don't think a cup of coffee has anything to do with our spirits?

As of Thursday, 3/30/2023 @ 7:30 pm, the image below shows a screenshot from their website of their COMPANY MISSION, the brand's core goal for even existing. If you're minimizing this concept I'm sharing, you're more than welcome to read what they've put on their site (for the world to see) just what they're after:


Does ordering a venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch (once upon a time, my favorite drink), make you a sinner? Absolutely NOT! This week's article is simply a reminder that the spirit realm is the parent realm, and that it's our MISSION to stay vigilant, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

The Bible tells us to study and show ourselves approved. If your Spirit jolts you in anyway, be brave enough to follow His instruction, and receptive to what He shares with you!

When you focus on things above, and agree with God's Spirit, He's sure to share His revelations with you. He will lead and instruct you to navigate this human experience. Only thing you have to do is LET Him.

He didn't stop at company logos...

Satan has, and is actively, injecting subliminal messages -- and sweet lies -- into the movies we watch, the musical lyrics we sing under our breath, the art we look at, the books we read, and everywhere else! Like 1 Peter 5:8 tells us, he's using the little time he has left to pull whoever's spirit is open and unaware! He's hungry, he's fiending, and he's unrelentless -- so WAKE UP, and stay ready so you never have to get ready!

As the record shows -- the Philistines, and that statue of the pagan god, Dagon, learned the hard way that infiltration against the One, True God doesn't go unpunished. Stay encouraged, and stay confident in the faith. Read 1 Samuel - Chapter 5 yourself to get the full context of what happens when the enemy tries to infiltrate what belongs to God and His people. Continue to ask + allow the Holy Spirit to guide you where to go, and apparently, what to ingest!

Be blessed! <3


Mercedes Saintfleur is a wife, mother of 3, an award-winning Event Planner, a professional in the Aviation industry, and a member of Changing Lives Christian Center. When she isn't working or serving others, this 'Creative' can be found dancing, cooking, or studying!

She's diligently studying her Word, and applying the practical, relevant Word she's learning from Pastor Paul B. Mitchell to her life. With honest transparency, she's utilizing her experiences as a Believer to encourage others to walk the narrow path of King Christ..


Until next week -- be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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