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Thank You For Visiting With Us Today. 

Here at Changing Lives Christian Center, “A Place Where Love Lives and Lives are Changed,” we have been Commissioned To Love Not Judge, Encourage Not Discourage.

C.L.C.C is a Love Based Family Church.

We believe that the family is foundational. We believe that strong families build strong individuals and ultimately builds strong communities.


We believe that God has called C.L.C.C to be A Different kind of a “Church.” We encourage a relationship with God, not religion.


C.L.C.C  is  the   place   for   you and  your  family   to   worship, fellowship  and  grow. 

We are a church dedicated to caring for you and challenging you to new heights in your relationship with God, His people and His purpose for your life. It is the place where you will make friends for a lifetime  and   faith   that   will  be

that will be meaningful for a balanced life. Experience faith that will be meaningful for a balanced life. You will find people ready to welcome you as "Friends". You will also find a place where you can take root and grow. Come see why our motto at C.L.C.C is what it is ...

“ Changing Lives Christian Center, A Place Where Love Lives & Lives Are Changed. ”

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