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Accepting Responsibility

There are times in life where you analyze where you are vs where you want to be. When we look at the gap it can force us to think about how big or small that gap is and why. Some of us blame our parents, we say to ourselves, "If I'd been born with parents like ______, I would've reached my goal." We say, "If I'd gone to _______ school, I'd have reached my goal". We say, "If my friends truly supported me, I would've been further ahead".

Maybe an "if" is true.

The problem is, none of these trains-of-thought can get you anywhere. In fact, they lead to paralysis and stagnation. This way of thinking causes us to give ourselves an excuse to not reach our full potential. When you get tired of the results that you have, and decide that they are not the results that you want, then you can begin to assume responsibility for where you are. Don’t let life just happen to you. Sometimes, you have to decide that the results you have are not the results you want. The decisions you made to get you to this point are not decisions that you can continue to make.

The bible says 'faith without works is dead', so our works are the product of 'accepted responsibility'. When you truly believe in God's specific plan for your life (faith), you begin to move in a direction of accepting the responsibility of the work that comes along with the promise. When you accept your part to play in God's divine plan for your life then you will begin to do your part...

So, what does it look like to accept responsibility for your life?

1.) Evaluate what's in your hands

Moses had a staff, what do you have? The very things that may seem insignificant are the very things that God can use. When I wrote my book all I had was a computer, if I didn't have that, I would have used pen and paper then typed it out at a library

2.)Work what you have

All you have is all you need-Micheal Todd

If you're creating content and all you have is a camera phone, use it to the best of your ability. If you cook, and all you have are two pots to make a 5 course meal, make 2 dishes wash the pots and cook the rest

3.) Anticipate hard times

In a perfect world we will always be inspired and motivated to go at our goals full throttle. The reality is that we can use any reason, whether valid or not, to cause us to give up. We have to decide that no matter what happens we will do our part.

I don't know about you, but quitting is not an option, simply because I can live with failing and trying again, I can't live with not trying at all.

Food for thought!

Frustration is fuel. Our greatest frustration is sometimes our greatest calling. The very thing that is frustrating most times is an indicator of a problem that we need to solve. Lean into the frustration, it's trying to get purpose out of you.


Keema Moses, author of "No Cookie Cutter Christian", is breaking the stereotypes of what it means to be a Christian by being vulnerable and lending voice to the realities of her Christian walk. A natural born leader, Keema speaks from experience, truth and vulnerability as she guides people to the reality of a merciful, redemptive God while acknowledging our fickle, frail humanity.


This week, focus on accepting responsibility over God's Will for your life. Be intentional, and honest enough, to fulfill the purpose God has already placed in you...

Be sure to join Pastor Paul B. Mitchell, and the entire CLCC Church Family, tonight at 8 pm for CHRISTIAN BIBLE TEACHING by clicking the link below:

Until then, be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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