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A Message To Our Blog Readers...

Accepting Jesus Christ is one of the most life-changing, mind-altering experiences anyone can have! Realizing that this life is more than money, finding out that Heaven and Hell are real, knowing that there's a Spiritual enemy that has already been defeated by an all-knowing and all-powerful Creator -- it's a lot to digest.

One of the greatest rewards after making Jesus your Lord & Savior is knowing that you will indeed live forever! However, once the butterflies of eternal life stop fluttering, you realize that living the life of a true Believer ISN'T a walk in the park!

Christian standards... Biblical guidelines... Spiritual warfare -- oh my!

Living a Christian lifestyle is rewarding (both in this life, and the next), but comes with its challenges. Jesus warned us that we'd have to walk a narrow path (live a righteous lifestyle) to access our eternal reward.

This principle is the foundation of 'NARROWGATE'...

By the grace of God, Pastors Paul & Yasmin Mitchell have given real CLCC members, who are striving to live righteous lives, to share their experiences, testimonies, and learned lessons with our readers. NARROWGATE is a platform for us to share the revelations we've learned through our Pastors, and the Spiritual tools we've had to use ourselves to walk this narrow path Christ spoke of.

We started off with 1 writer and a few readers. Now with a team of 7 writers, and over 1K subscribers, we can't help but give God the glory! After just a few months, your support has allowed us to grow! We cannot thank you enough for your comments, messages, and the time you've spent reading each article.


We strive to continue giving you the tools you need to stay inspired and encouraged. Feel free to share any topics you'd like to read about, or if you'd like to join our team, by contacting us at



Tune into what Pastor Paul has to say about living a Fruitful Life...

Until next week -- be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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