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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Doing More With Your Faith!

I remember it like it was yesterday: I was sitting on the couch in my best friend's living room, eating and yapping the way we usually do. We hadn't seen each other in a few days, so we used that kid-free time to sit back, eat, and catch up on how our week had been. We spoke about the goodness of God, and what we'd been studying that particular week. My bestie was super excited to show me an online sermon she had watched that she hoped would speak to me.

As I watched the sermon online, all I could think about was how much of a fraud I'd been!

The pastor on the screen literally had a water-filled kiddie pool on the stage, and walked around the pulpit with flippers on their feet. As they stepped into the plastic pool they were obviously too big for, they held pool noodles in their arms, and wore a huge, inflated, yellow rubber ducky around their waist.

Water splashed everywhere on the stage, and they were making a complete mess! However, the message was very clear: dull Christians truly think they're doing something with their faith...

...when all they're really doing is flopping around by the 'shores' of their salvation!

I made the decision, then & there, to take my faith to the next level!

But how?

Pray longer? Read more? Fast more often? I needed answers from someone who had already done what I was seeking to do...

I've always thought Abraham's faith was super bold. Sometimes positively (following God's instruction to leave Haran), and sometimes negatively (he was out and about with Hagar). He's infamously known for questioning God's plan for Sodom & Gomorrah, trying to save the land in hopes to save his nephew (and proxy-son), Lot. How was he comfortable enough to do that? It was then that I chose Abraham as my mentor for building a relationship with the Most High.

The intimate relationship between Yahweh and Abraham was one of access, vulnerability, participation, and recognition.

Abraham's long term faithfulness to God led to God not only sharing His plans and secrets, but showing up physically at Abraham's door! Have you ever answered your front door with complete humility to the stranger in front of you? I may answer politely, but I definitely wouldn't BOW to someone who came to ME. At that point: tell me your name, and why you're here.

It's Abraham's response to God's surprise visit that automatically told me the Spirit inside of Abraham knew exactly who he was greeting. He had access to God in a way that not only urged God to tell him His secrets, but to show up in ways He seldom did. Abraham didn't focus on the pagan world around him, or the opinions of others. Abraham was focused on getting to know who God was, what He wanted, what He expected, what He required, and His system of doing things: His Kingdom.


How do you ride the tide of faith? Learn who God is, how He does things, and seek to connect with Him EVERYDAY! Learning His Kingdom is like learning how to spiritually swim off the shore of your salvation, and into the deep of TRUE FAITH!

From vulnerability (God asking Abraham about Sarah's infertility off the rip -- a dicey subject in the Abrahamic-household), to participation (obeying God's instruction, all the way to willingly killing Isaac), to recognition (God blessing Abraham with rich legacy, provision, and promise) -- Abraham is the perfect example of leaving the shore of your salvation, HEARING GOD, putting in the time, being a faithful servant, and being okay with rolling-in-the-deep of uncertainty.

How far from the shore are you?


Mercedes Saintfleur is a wife, mother of 3, an award-winning Wedding Planner, an entrepreneur, a professional in the Aviation industry, and a member at Changing Lives Christian Center. When she isn't working or serving others, this 'Creative' can be found studying, dancing or cooking!

She's diligently studying her Word, and applying the practical, relevant Word she's learning from Pastor Paul B. Mitchell to her life. With honest transparency, she's utilizing her experiences as a Believer to encourage others to walk the narrow path of King Christ...



Tune into what Pastor Paul has to say about the different ways God speaks to us...

Until next week -- be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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