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Accepting God's Set Path As The Best Path


verb / to send or direct along a specified course




After being delivered from slavery, Moses was instructed by God to lead the nation of Israel to the land God promised them -- a land of provision & favor. The route that the Israelites took to get from Egypt to Canaan is widely known for their ungratefulness and heavy complaining that resulted in them schlepping around the desert for 40-something years.

Their behavior during their travels in the wilderness gets pegged as the reason why they had to take the "longer", "tougher", and "more treacherous" way during their Biblical quest. I remember hearing one Pastor (before I came to CLCC) say that if the Israelites didn't have such a sourpuss attitude, God would've given them a better route that would've taken them just days to arrive at the Promised Land, in lieu of the YEARS it took them because of their complaining.

As per The Truth: God intended them to take the route they took.

It was HIS idea to take them towards the Red Sea, and onto the route through the wilderness. Yes, their behavior stressed out Moses, gave God plenty of heartbreak due to their sins, and may have prolonged their situation -- but the decision to take the way through the wilderness versus any other path wasn't a consequence or a byproduct of their sin - it was their set path! In their set path, God did what was best for them, without them even knowing it!

The other route was shorter, which would've seemed like the best way to take, but it wasn't the best way to go!

God knew He'd provide manna for them to eat, and knew He'd provide them with water when they had no other way to get it for themselves. He knew He'd give Moses His Ten Commandments, and continue courting His chosen nation. He knew He'd show them miracles to tell their children for generations to come, and knew He'd have to teach them a few lessons along the way to serve as warnings to us all.

Their set path was a part of His bigger picture -- His Higher Plan...

God knew they'd run into the Red Sea and used what looked like an obstruction to both continue delivering them, and build their faith in Him -- showing His Infinite Power.




Whatever you're going through, be encouraged. Stick with God -- for better or for whatever may look worse! His Plan is alwaysssss better than what we had planned for ourselves!

That obstacle, or obstruction...

That distraction or devastation...

Be inspired!

No matter how hard your situation is, it's literally the BEST ROUTE for you to take, because it's the path set by God, for you, for Him to get the glory. That's what it all boils down to. Whenever you see the waves of life acting up, watch your Creator split your situation into pieces - giving you a way through to the other side!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a stickler for vocabulary (read, people!), grammar (so you don't know the difference between you're and your?!), and proper pronunciation of words. As per Merriam-Webster, 'route' is a homophone word to 'root', or a word that is spelled differently but sounds the same. It's interesting that 'route' is pronounced both /rowt/ and the way 'root' is pronounced. I'm choosing to take that notion into consideration...

Your ROUTE is ROOTED in God.

Take that set path -- I know I am!


Mercedes Saintfleur is a wife, mother of 3, an award-winning Event Planner, a professional in the Aviation industry, and a member of Changing Lives Christian Center. When she isn't working or serving others, this 'Creative' can be found dancing, cooking, or studying!

She's diligently studying her Word, and applying the practical, relevant Word she's learning from Pastor Paul B. Mitchell to her life. With honest transparency, she's utilizing her experiences as a Believer to encourage others to walk the narrow path of King Christ...



Tune into what Pastor Paul B. Mitchell has to say about being on the Set Path God has for you...

Until next week -- be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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