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Weaving Our Generational God Through Generational Gaps

Parenting is a joyful experience. From the initial excitement of finding out that she is pregnant to discovering the gender of the baby. From the wonder of first seeing the uniqueness of God’s little creations in our arms to hearing them babble their first word. From witnessing the awkwardness of taking their very first step to seeing them confidently step up to the first grade, the memories of parenting are abundant.

As we walk with God, we tend to discover...

...that He continues to try to broaden our perspective of what His purposes are. That’s because as we do things God’s way, there’s still always a higher or more excellent way of applying His principles.

For instance, I have found in my walk that once my wife and I had children, we naturally began rearing them to be productive citizens by going to school, taking up extracurricular activities, and teaching them about Christ while attempting to model it before them. While this is fine, God has shown me that I should refine this strategy by adding my personal testimonies of the miracles He has done for us to the program.

I believe God wants us to do this to preserve the glory of the continuity of Who He is and what He has done not just during my day but throughout our family’s history.

I remember my grandmother (who is deceased) made theee besttttttt cornbread I have ever had to this day! The taste was probably punctuated in my mind because of the aroma that went through the house. Witnessing the butter dripping off the golden edge of the slice right before I was about to eat didn’t help matters! As good as that cornbread tasted, naturally you’d think that recipe would be passed down from her to her children and from her children to her grandchildren. Unfortunately, Grandma’s cornbread recipe did not weave its way down from generation to generation. There is a gap that Grandma’s cornbread recipe fell through that doesn’t allow her succeeding generations to enjoy and eat from.

I believe that God wants us to tell our children...

...and those under us who we influence the recipe of how God worked out the impossible for us in our lives. I believe the testimony of how God healed your Mom of cancer when it looked like the end, how He gave your Dad a raise after he decided to tithe, and how He saved your jail-bound wayward brother at a weekend retreat must be spoken of and become a part of our family heritage. Let us remember.

I believe this is necessary so that our children know that the God who we personally have experienced in a miraculous way is longing to be good and faithful to them too. Now it may not happen to our seed in the exact same way that He did it for us, but it will be done in a way of His choosing that will have His fingerprints all over it.

So let us use this Memorial Day weekend to remember...

...what has been left to us in terms of an inheritance that goes beyond money. And let us try to gather the invaluable wisdom from those who are older (if God has so graced them to still be with us) so it does not fall through the cracks like Grandma’s ingredients. May we learn to intentionally yet wisely plan to pour out our personal experience with God to our children, especially magnifying the miracles.

This way, the knowledge of God will continually flow down our family lines, and He might be able to more easily use us for His glory...


Brian Chrichlow is a devoted husband, father of two beautiful daughters, and partners with his wife to lead Changing Lives Christian Center's PRE-TEEN MINISTRY. His intellect and humor positively affect everyone around him! In his spare time, he can be found fellowshipp-ing with the men of CLCC, spending quality time with his family, or acting on stage for a CLCC holiday play!


We pray for you to use this week to use your experiences of God's goodness, faithfulness, and power to bridge the gap with those in your family, your circle, your job, and even your church!

Be sure to join Pastor Paul B. Mitchell, and the entire CLCC Church Family, tonight at 8 pm for CHRISTIAN BIBLE TEACHING by clicking the link below:

Until then, be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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