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Feeling Salty

Knowing What We're Made Of

We are the salt of this World!

Our Dad says so...

Have you ever made it your business to eat food you knew was TASTELESS?

Neither have I...

Our Heavenly Dad told us that He put us on this Earth to be its flavor. We are what gives this wicked world taste! Turn up the flavor by showing SODIUM FAITH: make it a point to HELP & SERVE everyone around you, all while sharing the seasoning of Christ by telling someone about what He's already done in your life!


Within the walls of Changing Lives Christian Center, Mercedes contributes to the Dance, Media, and Weddings & Events ministries. Beyond the walls, she's a creative, a writer, an entrepreneur and a professional in the Aviation Industry.

Utilizing honesty, open discussion, and transparency, she uses her experiences, commitment to God, and the potent teachings of Pastor Paul B. Mitchell to implement the Word, and walk the narrow path of King Christ...


Thank you for joining us this week!

Join us next week for something different...

Be sure to join Pastor Paul B. Mitchell, and the entire CLCC Church Family, tonight at 8 pm for CHRISTIAN BIBLE TEACHING by clicking the link below:

Until then, be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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