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Faith Fatigue

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Practical Encouragement For When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

If you’re like me, God has given you a vision of where He wants to take you.

You keep on believing and believing, and after turning several corners (without things turning out as you thought they would), you begin to lose faith. Every corner turned without your expected end takes a little more faith from you. Your faith becomes fatigued, and you become weary in well-doing.

There are about 20 scriptures I can give you to encourage you, but I'll choose two:

Those questions are rhetorical.

The answer is, "NO".

I chose these scriptures to expose God’s character. We can trust him because He does not lie. We can be confident because He is committed to us.

Maybe you’re not wrong about what God will do.

Maybe you’re wrong about how or when.

If you’re unsure, know God’s character is solid! Building your faith comes from reminding yourself of who God is. Affirm your belief by repeating these scriptures day, night, and every time you feel fear or doubt!

So -- keep your head down, and keep your eyes on your own work.

No comparison to what others are doing!

God's got you!


Keema Moses, the author of "No Cookie Cutter Christian", is breaking the stereotypes of what it means to be a Christian by being vulnerable and lending voice to the realities of her Christian walk. A natural-born leader, Keema speaks from experience, truth, and vulnerability as she guides people to the reality of a merciful, redemptive God while acknowledging our fickle, frail humanity.


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