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Broken Pencils

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Sharpening Our Effectiveness In This Secular World

Back in my school days, I used pencils to write down notes, solve math problems, and to make free-hand drawings. Why use a pen, permanent marker, or another definitive writing tool when I could make a mistake at any point? Using a pencil gave me the grace to do what I needed to do, erase any mistakes I made along the way, and to continue with my task.

As Believers, we are figurative 'pencils' -- living in a fleshy vessel, within a secular world, and PRONE to making mistakes! However, with the erasing forgiveness given through Jesus' blood, the razor sharp guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the slicing power of the Word of God, we can learn from our mistakes, make the necessary changes needed, and continue writing God's love letter to humanity as the salt and light of the world [Matthew 5:13-14].

As children of the Most High, we are winners. Periodt.

We have the power to win in tough times, live through life's challenges, and exist beyond our current environments.

Health mandates.

Losing loved ones.

Low bank accounts.

Regardless of the type of "tough time" you're experiencing, our status as winners outperforms the situation...

Winning is non-negotiable...

However, this blessing and status of being a winner shouldn't make us comfortable. There's an enemy lurking to make us slip up.

Upside: he's already defeated.

Sidenote: it's up to us to work out our salvation [Philippians 2:12], and sharpen ourselves through the Word. Let's apply the Word by activating our A-S-K method (ask, seek, and knock) to sharpen our effectiveness in this secular world...


What's one area in your life where you seem to KEEP making mistakes? Who and/or what behaviors do you think support that area of your life? Can't think of anything? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you areas you're prone to sin...and expect an answer!


It's time to sharpen Clear instructions on how to maintain your daily walk by evaluating what you do & who you surround yourself with are literally written in your Bible...

Start re-writing your everyday environments with these passages: Matthew 6, Colossians 3, Proverbs 13:20, Proverbs 27:17, and 1 Corinthians 15:33.


Vetting your surroundings, like places you go to, people you interact with, and your activities, is a great way to not only prevent conforming to this world, but getting closer to our Elohim. Tell the Holy Spirit to sharpen you every day of this week, and be intentional about your environment.

Our sins and mistakes have NO power over us. We are winners!

The forgiveness we receive through Jesus Christ, the razor sharp guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the slicing power of God's Word are the GRACE we need to overcome life's challenges, and win in tough times!


Mercedes Saintfleur is a devoted wife, mother of three beautiful girls, and a member at Changing Lives Christian Center for over 10 years. Within the walls, she contributes to the Dance, Media, and Event ministries. Beyond the walls, she's an entrepreneur and a professional in the Aviation Industry. Utilizing honesty, open discussion, and transparency, she uses her experiences, commitment to God, and the potent teachings of Pastor Paul B. Mitchell to implement the Word, and walk the narrow path of Christ...


Thank you for joining us this week!

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Until next Wednesday, be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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