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A Tool Of Faithfulness

I'm a church girl, through and through. My parents made sure my siblings and I were christened and baptized the way we were supposed to be, went to morning worship services that didn't end until the nighttime (grr), and grew up in a strict Christian home that followed the Scriptures to a T. The Bible was and is a staple in my home. My parents put a lot of effort into sowing seeds of faith into my life, and as an adult, I take my faith more seriously as it is now my decision to follow in God's ways. In all of my years of believing and reading, I've never seen a time (in my little 30-something years of living) where Bible prophecy is literally about to LEAP off the pages!

You don't think so? Just look at today's society: unprecedented government mandates, social uprising, the recent efforts (made by Pope Francis and other religious leaders) toward "religious harmony", the ever-increasing national debt, mental conditioning, and detrimental climatic changes. When it comes to making decisions, the "right thing to do" is no longer a matter of what should and shouldn't be done, but it is now a matter of one's perspective. It's evident that there's a lot happening in this realm. It makes me RUN to the Bible (not only for comfort, but for peace)!

Why? In spite of the uncertainties of this world, I know the Bible will remain unchanged. Any Believer can attest to God's unwavering Word. It's a simple fact: God doesn't lie. Every prophecy He has ever told, every punishment He has said He was going to give, and every instruction He has ever given -- it ALWAYS comes to pass! What makes the books of Isaiah, Daniel, and the New Testament (i.e. Revelation) any different?

Back in March 2020, when the quarantine mandates first began in the United States, I realized how spiritually UNPREPARED I was. Yes, I had a solid income and good health. Yes, I had water bottles, canned goods, and extra candles in our emergency stash in the basement. However, I realized I relied on the things I had rather than the One who allowed me to have them. By the grace of God, my family and I made it through the season known as 'the year 2020'. Anyone reading this article (written in September 2021) persevered through that strange time as well. But let's put things into perspective: from last year (until now), what would've happened if we had ZERO access to electricity and water? What if all supermarkets were shut down, and hospitals were closed? What if there was no such thing as "essential workers" because ALL businesses were shut down? How would have those conditions affected our survival?

Again, it's only by the grace of God that we weren't faced with those conditions. However, it makes me think of the world we now live in. Safety precautions, such as social distancing, sanitization stations everywhere, hand sanitizers serving as gold, and required facial coverings to enter any establishment, are the new norms. I've seen signs that even read, "No Mask, No Service", and I can't help but think how close we are to the very prophecies God said would happen. It's only a matter of time until those same signs will read, "No Mark, No Service", so the time to get ourselves right with God is N-O-W!

Your channels of 'resource' mean NOTHING!

Some workers are being required to show proof of vaccination, putting a time clock on their decision whether to get the vaccination in the first place. Some families have had to make decisions they never had to make before, such as homeschooling their children, or extreme budgeting due to financial challenges. Some people are still having trouble finding solid employment since Covid-19 and the quarantine hit The United States last year. It's time to realize that our stability shouldn't and doesn't come from our jobs, our funds, our supplies, or even our government. Our peace must come from our faith, and making our decisions based on where the Holy Spirit guides us to and what He tells us to do. The Bible doesn't play around, and we shouldn't either. Let's get focused on doing what pleases God, and getting ready for Him and whatever comes our way in the future...

Until next Wednesday -- be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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