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Executing God's Plan

I've always loved the story of Joseph in the Bible. The situation didn't appear promising because we couldn't see the full picture: Joseph was shown a vision of promise while in the Spirit. However, in the flesh, he was sold into slavery by his brothers. It didn't appear to be a blessing, but that single action ultimately opened the door for Joseph's dreams to be fulfilled, and was a part of God's plan all along. In the process of his brothers trying to destroy him, Joseph was operating in God's plan.

Sometimes the very people trying to destroy your dream are the ones who get the ball rolling with God's plan activating...

In life, you're going to have issues...

...but the goal is to not let the issues have you! If put in Joseph's back-to-back situations, some of us would've been destroyed. I'm talking obliterated -- emotionally, even mentally! It took those back-to-back challenges for Joseph to only prosper, but be able to bless his family, and see his God-given dreams be fulfilled!

"Life giving you lemons!"

"Bad luck!"

It doesn't matter what you want to call it...

Joseph's story has taught me that what seems like a bad or unfair situation isn't always what it appears to be!

We must understand that God wants the best for us! His love isn’t conditional, regardless of where you're at within this life. In my own life, many situations I thought came to destroy me actually were blessings (even though at the moment, it didn’t feel like it). When looking back at the process those situations put me in, it brought out the best in me! We can’t focus on the frustration issues force us to experience.

Focusing on the frustration Satan distracts us with will only cloud our judgement, and distort our perception. Understand that this is what the enemy wants! Joseph was taken to Egypt and eventually became Steward to Potiphar, one of the Pharaoh's officials at that time. Althoug he ended up being accused of doing something he didn't do, that situation was the puzzle piece needed to get him to his next spiritual (and physical destination). It took him to be to the next place God wanted him to be: jail. You're probably saying, why would God want someone to be in shambles behind a jail cell? Being in that jail cell put Joseph infront of the very person he had to meet to get to the Pharaoh. His promotion was ordained by God and executed through Pharaoh. This put Joseph in a position to save his family from famine. Throughout each challenge, Joseph operated from a pure place -- not of one seeking revenge or anger.

Bottom line: We have to be mindful how we respond through the storm.

Though his brothers were the ones who threw him into slavery, Satan thought he used his brother to derail Joseph. In reality, that situation taught Joseph humility, was a reality-check and ended up giving Joseph an opportunity to grow. Once in Pharaoh's royal court, Joseph was in a position where he could’ve easily got back at his brothers for betraying him in the early years. Instead he made sure that he did everything to be a blessing to them. Operating from a pure heart rather then from hatred and envy. How would you have responded if you were Joseph, being sold as a slave by your own kin? Or forgotten about when someone promised they'd do something for you? Or wrongfully accused of trying to sleep with someone's wife? You have an enemy (Satan) that wants to cause you to feel defeated, but the reality is the battle is already won through Christ! If the enemy can convince you otherwise, you will operate from the carnal mindset of 'defeat'. Stop working harder, and start working wiser...

Regardless of what your challenge looks like, you already have the victory! The battle is already won.

We’re not walking towards Victory -- we're already walking in Victory!


Marcel D. is a loving Father, and a committed member of CLCC Ministries. Whether through our Men's Ministry (Great Men of Valor), our Young Adults Ministry (The Bridge), or our Media Team, he dedicates his time to serving others in the name of Jesus Christ. He has a passion for the community, and uses his experiences to promote God's faithfulness.



Tune into what Pastor Paul has to say about living a life according to God's Plan...

Until next week -- be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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