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Committing To God All Day, Every Day

Long to-do lists...

Kids and pets running around...

Work deadlines, and missed phone lines...

This has been a tough week.

Whether it was the sounds of rain I heard outside day-after-day, or the heavy downpours I saw out of my windows, the thought of getting up and getting active felt harder to do.

"I'll just go to the supermarket when the rain slows down a bit."

"You know what -- I'll just handle that errand tomorrow."

The kids usually go to the park after school, but the weather deterred their mood as well. I didn't mind -- because who wants their kids to come back into the house wet and muddy?!

My family was recently blessed with a toddler (Anna), and a new puppy (Atlas). The weather had a way of swaying the rest of the family's mood, but didn't have ANY effect on Anna & Atlas. Neither cared about the rain nor the time of day -- they were ready to go out! Reluctantly, I grabbed my waterproof jacket and put on my rain boots. I met Anna & Atlas at the front door, and as if Anna's smile wasn't bright enough, Atlas' tail viciously wagging in excitement told me they weren't concerned with what was going outside our windows. They were committed to going out to do what they needed to do: run around, handle their business and play!

Why is it harder to move when it's foggy, rainy, or dark? Why does the weather have such an effect on our moods, our minds, and thus -- our actions?

There are a few reasons why this story intrigues me...

However, there are two reasons that stand out the most: the fact that they were traveling all day, and that God was present with them all day. There was movement both in the daytime and at night. It didn't matter that the sun was blazing from the sky, and I'm positive that during their traveling over 40 years, it had to rain. No weather condition had enough power to hinder their constant movement, or from God leading the people, or from Him expecting them to follow His Cloud or His Fire. It seems to me that God was trying to develop consistency in them, whether they felt like it or not. I am sure it was hard for the children of Israel to travel all during the day and then just when they probably thought it’s time to hit the sack, that pillar of fire started to move.

To some degree, I could see why they were so grumpy.

However, experiencing this rainy week made me realize that the same thing that God was doing to the children of Israel, He is doing with you and me today. He wants us to be consistent in season and out of season. When it’s rainy or when it’s sunny. When we feel like it or when we don’t. We have to remain diligent regardless of what we feel, think, or see during the day and the night.

It doesn’t matter what season you are in your life, or what time during that season it is: I ask that you see past your darkness, see past your rain and see His light in your consistency! I know it’s challenging, but God is honored by your discipline to remain consistent, faithful, and persistent -- even in the tough times!

Know that He will never leave you.

He will continue to guide you when you are up for life’s challenge, ready to go, and even when you want to hit the spiritual "snooze button" for the 4th time.

My challenge to you this week: aim for consistency no matter what!

Show up for God in the day (when things are going well with you), in the night (when life gets challenging), and every hour in between! Keep the fire of faithfulness ever-burning...

Show up for God 24/7!


Ebonie Council is a mother of 3 awesome teenagers, a fabulous glam-ma (that's right, GLAM-ma) to three-year-old Anna, a new fur-mommy to an eight-month-old Black Labrador Atlas, a corporate marketing executive, and an active member at CLCC. Her eclectic style, distinct smile, and unique outlook on life make her a light in any environment she's in! She's NARROWGATE's newest writer, and is ready to share her experiences with her Heavenly Father to the world! She's on her set path...



Tune into what Pastor Paul B. Mitchell has to say about being on the Set Path God has for you...

Until next week -- be safe, be blessed, and be narrow...

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