Get Connected!

C.L.C.C Provides  Many Ways For You To “Get Connected” 

With Fellow Members To Form Meaningful, Lasting Relationships And Receive The Personal EncouragementSupport, And PrayersThat Every Believer Needs.


At C.L.C.C We Have Ministries That Will Help To Assist You In Your Christian Walk And Enhance Your Fellowship Experience With Those Already Connected With C.L.C.C.


The Audio / Video Division is responsible for the media recording of all C.L.C.C services and events for Broadcasting. The Visual Media Division handles the screen presentation of the Scriptures, Sermon Notes, Worship Songs and C.L.C.C Church Announcements.


Small Care Groups provide individuals with a more personal connection with the Church, Spiritual Growth through relational Bible Study, Friendships, Support, and Encouragement.


Promoting God's Plan for Marriage through teaching married couples what the Scriptures teach concerning Christian Marriage.

At C.L.C.C, we promote the betterment of marital and family communication. 


The Bible Makes it clear that God created the family which includes (Mother, Father, and Children). Many homes today are void of one or both.  At C.L.C.C. we would like to be a mentor to children, your children. The bible has given fathers a clear mandate – and what we will attempt to do with Gods help is to:


Speak to Them

A blessing is not a blessing until it is spoken. Your children need to hear you say: I love you...I’m proud of you...You can do it.

At two critical times in Jesus’ own life — at His baptism, when He was about to start His ministry; and near the end, on the Mount of Transfiguration — He heard His Father’s voice from heaven: This is my son whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.


Encourage Them

The word bless actually means to bow your knee before someone. Bowing before someone is a graphic example of attaching value to that person. When you value people, you find out their like and dislikes; you laugh with them and cry with them. You invest your time.


Remind Them

Encourage your children to be all they can be in life; help them reach that potential by enlarging their vision of a God who always does things in abundance; find out their dreams and dream with them.

Remind your children of what the apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:9: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.” Use your words to change your children’s future. Give your children a blessing.


Touch Them

Isaac called Jacob close to him and touched him-. Whatever form it takes, a tickle, a wrestling match on the floor), the simple act of affectionate touch between a parent and a child communicates volumes. Jesus knew this, too. We learn from Him that “He took the children in His arms and He put His hands on them and He blessed them” (Mark 10:16).


Equipping women of all ages and backgrounds to grow in spiritual love and maturity through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Addressing the issues and needs of today's woman through the Scriptures and authentic friendships, focusing on God's distinctive design for each woman as she models her life and service to the Lord - (Support Groups- Fall Under C.L.C.C.’s Women Ministry)


This ministry provides support, education, and resources for the community and families affected by alcoholism and substance abuse. C.L.C.C. also annually hosts a Forum which caters to this area of ministry.


The goal and mission of C.L.C.C.'s Events Ministry are to be the essential and creative instruments, used by God, to transform the ordinary to extraordinary and we will serve Christ through the planning, promoting and execution of events. This ministry will align with the church's mission and vision in creating memorable events by being creative and resourceful.


To make contact with each person by sending cards, written correspondence and phone calls.


Have you lost a loved one? Would you like someone to talk to? C.L.C.C. Sees & Hears You! We have grieving counselors available to meet with you in a class setting! " We Are Hear For You!


The Hospitality Ministry is committed to being vibrant, caring and welcoming. The Committee is dedicated to the growth of the Changing Lives Christian Center’s family. The Hospitality Ministry Promotes, Enhances and Facilitates Relationships Among New And Old Parishioners.


The Information Services Desk is staffed with people that are very knowledgeable about “Who C.L.C.C. is” and Upcoming Events & Services available to Members & Guest.

You are also able to obtain the various Ministry Directors name and contact information from this service. 


C.L.C.C.’s Maintenance Ministry Works with other volunteers to ready the sanctuary for services by cleaning, dusting and ensuring that the Church is organized and ready to be presented to our guest/s. The maintenance team that cleans C.L.C.C. - is not just a team, but a family- join us and assist them in keeping the house of the Lord beautiful.


Our Ministry serves anyone who experiences mental illness and any life occurrences which disrupt mental and spiritual wellness. We also strive to support their loved ones and caregivers.  We understand that mental illness is a disease of the brain, which does not define the person whose heart and soul is in need of love and compassion.  We understand mental illness does not discriminate; that people from all socioeconomic classes and all walks of life are afflicted. In fact, national statistics report that approximately one in four experience symptoms of a serious mental illness in any given year.


Hospitals have Trauma Teams who are trained to respond to help people quickly. At C.L.C.C. Our aim is to respond to any and all medical situations and then forward them to outside professionals.


Our mission is to fix the components of a home that often breaks down. Our mission is to encourage, to speak to, and to pray with the people who call upon us. TheC.L.C.C.'s Men of Valor Ministry here to help build up our men to become Christ-like men for themselves and their families.


The purpose of this ministry is to reach and teach younger women. We help build the Women’s Department at the local church. We operate under the authority released by the Pastor.


The Music Ministry provides musical leadership for corporate worship and develops the musical talents of people of all ages. At C.L.C.C., we strive for excellence in our music in order to reflect the majesty and glory of the Lord and is continually challenged to improve what we do for His sake.


The Outreach Ministry primary focus is to win souls by way of “Door Knocking & Track Ministry".


A ministry of love, devotion, concern, and dedication. Members of the church family working together to unite others in the support and well-being of our Pastor and First Lady. "For the laborer is worthy of his hire."


Praise Dancing is a way of teaching our youth to give praise and thanks to our Lord and Savior through dancing.


I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. (Psalm 104:33) The Praise and Worship Team Ministry is vital to Changing Lives Christian Center's Worship Experience. The members of this ministry are the worship leaders for all of C.L.C.C's services. It is important that this ministry helps the congregation invite God into His presence as we worship Him.


Who do you belong to? Do you know who your family is? Can you feel you’re longing to belong to someone, somewhere? For some this longing feels like an ache. This ache to be included, to belong, to not be alone is a real and core longing of every soul.


C.L.C.C.’s Revitalize Me Ministry is all about assisting Men and Women in learning how to breathe when life’s challenges come their way - Many times we fear that the situations and the circumstances in or life will get the best of us. The sessions will assist you with techniques and ways to cope. Let’s always remember that Greater is He who is in us, then He who is in the world. We meet every Wednesday night from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you.


The Church Security Ministry is set in place to secure the church building and those inside. The Security Department’s Mission is to make sure that all areas of the building are safe during Service: The Church Security Ministry is also asked to stay back after service/s to assist in securing the church building.  C.L.C.C.’s Street Team Greets service attendees prior to church entry. Uses patrol car to secure the building's perimeter and protect the congregants' vehicles.


We have an exciting group of Single Adults, who are interested in building relationships, having fun, and understanding more about God's plan for their lives.


Discipline, diligence, and the sense of camaraderie are all effective tools in becoming "necessary" ambassadors for Kingdom building. The Sports & Recreation Ministry has been developed to nurture and encourage these qualities in our youth, which is the future church.


Sunday school serves as a "Connecting Point" for many of the ministry efforts of the Church. The C.L.C.C.’s Sunday School Ministry is committed to providing our young children with foundational information regarding their Lord and His word. We are very mindful of the resources and training materials that we use. Love and commitment are our main ingredient. We are seeking Teachers who Love to Teach and believe that their Love for God - will transcend to our Children.


C.L.C.C.’s Support Group Ministry is comprised of the Following Ministries: “Drug & Alcohol” “We Care (Mental Wellness Ministry) “Restoration” & “Revitalize Me” Ministries. 
C.L.C.C's support Groups have been developed to cater to the needs of the "whole person" as he/she strives to live a faith-filled life in a world full of challenges. Know that the Lord has a band of support for you...whatever your need is. let's come together - let's talk about it. There are sessions for Men * Women * Families * Teens/Young Adults * Anyone Who Needs Support!


Offers customer service in Christian love and handles the influx of phone calls that occur during and after  C.L.C.C's radio and television broadcast, receiving media orders and partnering in prayer with callers.


is responsible for providing transportation to and from Sunday School and C.L.C.C.’s Worship services. To request transportation, an individual who desires to attend the service must call 718-272-8277 Mon-Friday 9 am - 5 pm. Transportation for special events will be announced by the group sponsoring the event.


The Welcome Committee is committed to being vibrant, caring and welcoming. The Committee is dedicated to the growth of the Changing Lives Christian Center family. The Welcome Committee Promotes, Enhances and Facilitates relationships among new and old Parishioners.


There are over 50 million people between the ages of 18 - 35 in the U.S. with energy, ideas, creativity, and passion. It must be the priority of the Church to empower this generation to use their gifts for the benefit of people and the purposes of God. The goal of C.L.C.C.’s Young Adult Ministry is to provide the resource necessary to unlock the potential in your life, church, and community. Join Us at our meetings.


Preparing the youth of C.L.C.C as they move into young adulthood - This includes; Activities, Events, and Spiritual Education- Whose focus is on the purposes of Worship, Ministry, Discipleship, Fellowship, and Evangelism. Within the Youth Ministry at C.L.C.C. we also have Praise Dancing (Liturgical, Hip-hop, Mimes and a Step team – and if you like to sing we also have a youth and Kids choir.

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